India’s Top Anxiety Alleviation Coach for Working Women.

3 Secrets To Live Fearlessly By Overpowering Your Anxiety Without Any Medications!

Learn how to recognise and heal your crippling anxiety and transform yourself to live life on your own terms within 90 days without depending on any medications.

Business Entrepreneur

Hi! I’m Debashmita Chakraborty….

I am India’s Top Anxiety Alleviation Coach for Working Women. After years of living with devastating anxiety and suffering its serious repercussions, I realised how a woman’s mental & emotional health is painfully looked down upon in our country and often seriously neglected. However, it was only after an intense psychological & emotional breakdown in 2017 and a series of failed attempts to heal myself through medications that I recognised the power of the spirit inside. Where traditional therapy and anti-anxiety drugs failed, rediscovering & redefining my ‘SELF’ under the guidance of my mentor proved to be the gamechanger. I am therefore on a mission today to enable one million women live empowered & fearless lives by conquering their chronic anxiety.

My Mission

Redefine Education

Women in India are some of the worst sufferers of anxiety disorders in India, but, unfortunately, a large majority remain ignorant of their own condition, silently struggling without any support or guidance. I am therefore on a mission to enable one million women live empowered & fearless lives by conquering their chronic anxiety.

My Expertise

Digital Coaching

To implement my knowledge & skills acquired from more than 5 years of intense research on the mental & emotional health of women coupled with lessons from my own journey of overcoming years of crippling anxiety to enable women achieve the levels of personal freedom, empowerment, inner peace, professional & personal success & fulfilment by breaking away from their past conditioning, damaging patterns and fearful beliefs.

My Community

Business Growth Hub

I founded the Fearless Divas Fellowship in January 2023 as a platform for talented and ambitious women living with crippling anxiety, past trauma, self-identity crisis and intense internal conflict to come together and transform themselves into fearless champions by conquering their fears and damaging patterns.

Fearless Divas Fellowship

Fearless Divas Fellowship
is a platform for talented, compassionate and ambitious women who want more from their life instead of losing their shine and their spirit to the demons of past trauma, anxiety disorders and the mental & emotional struggles they have to regularly face because of the outrageous demands placed on them by society and culture. It is a community of women with a deep & intense desire to live their life on their terms fearlessly and unapologetically.

Step 1

Recognise Your Challenges. 

Build awareness about your emotions, beliefs, thoughts, patterns and actions which are creating unwanted conflict in your inner and outer world.

Step 1
Step 2

Step 2

Repair & Realign.

Learn, implement & master strategies and techniques to defeat your damaging beliefs & patterns to transform yourself and live consciously.

Step 3

Rejoice & Thrive.

Enjoy the gift of a fearless mind and thrive each day as you live the life of your dreams built through your conscious efforts.

Step 3


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